Welcome To Our Testimony Page!!!

We welcome you to our new page with it being new we are working on getting it all posted.

If you have gotten one of our beloved Labrador Retriever Puppies and you would like to send us Pictures and a testimony Please send it to Sereneprairiek9@gmail.com. 

 Just wanted to  give you an update on our little girl. She is super smart, sweet, soft, cuddly, truly a love. She is spoiled rotten. She is Extremely Obedient, Sit's, doesn't eat until finger snaps, Sit's and waits to be told to come inside. Sits beside my son's bed every night at 8pm waiting to get up on it, It's like clockwork every night, Love this baby! She is Loved over the TOP! Praying she does well in the show ring and possibly some hunting. She has an great nose. You should be happy you have Beautiful Dog's!

Hi Kieshia Roby and Kid's,
We wanted to give you an up date on Charlie, He is supper SMART)))))) Well done!!!
You really played a big part in a great xmas for this family, Thank you so much, We are very Grateful to have him!!!

Just sending a quick up date on Molly. She's doing great!! We are totally loving her.